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Ninety Plus to hold their very first speciality coffee auction

As a global coffee grower and producer, who are at the forefront of engineering elevated taste experiences for consumers through their innovative coffee farming model. Through a program that restores forests with coffee in the understory, they are committed to transforming the outdated colonial farming model, leaving coffee better than they found it, with guiding principles of taste, humanity, and ecology.

Providing elevated coffee taste experiences to be shared by the barista with coffee drinkers worldwide, Ninety Plus has worked for over a decade on its signature coffee varieties, ferments, and new processes to create the industry leading coffee taste profiles it is known for.

For the first time in the history of Ninety Plus, they’re making some of their most innovative and exclusive coffees available to the public, through the Best of Ninety Plus Auction 2017. Previously only accessible to long-term clients and a few select competition baristas – including the last 4 World Brewers Cup Champions and 1st and 2nd runners-up World Barista Champions in 2016 – the coffees offered at the Best of Ninety Plus Auction 2017 represent the very top of their production.

Best of Ninety Plus Auction 2017 will take place on 13th of September 2017, on Visit our website and register to be a part of this truly historic event. Find out more about the Best of Ninety Plus 2017 Auction lots, please visit our “Lots” page.

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