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Unlike our major competitors, we do not charge commission on auction sale value, regardless of how high your turnover is. We have a selection of fixed-fee monthly billing plans based on a sliding scale, depending how many active lots you have running at one time.

Our indicative quoted rates are based on the likely volume of active lots for your sector. Our clients generally fall into

  • High Volume commercial (Machinery, Salvage, Vehicles, Asset Management and General Auctioneers)
  • Low Volume (such as the Property/Real Estate, Media Sales or specialist Arts/Collectibles marketplaces) both business to business and consumer.
  • Sector Specific tailored systems, such as our Coffee edition, which are competitively priced upon request, or
  • Charity which are subject to a one-off fee only.

You can change billing plans at any time and if you go to a new plan mid-month, we just take that in to account when we next charge/invoice you.

What is an ‘Active Lot’?

Active Lots are defined as the lots (or items) that are actually for sale on your site at any one time. If a lot is not for sale, you can archive it so it won’t be counted against your total. For example, you could be in the £200 (+ VAT) plan which allows you to be selling up to 50 at any one time, but you could have another 50 in draft, waiting to go live and still only be charged at the £200 rate. Many of our commercial clients have hundreds of lots within the system, but are only charged for the maximum number of lots that are actively for sale at any one time within each billing month, so it is easy to budget for the cost of each auction. This transparent pricing, combined with our zero commission model, means that our auction systems are the best value in the market.

What if I exceed my current plan?

We simply charge you for the new one. If you hit a higher plan mid-month then we will make up the extra for that month when we next invoice you or request a payment. You will then continue the next month on your new plan, if you still have that volume of active lots.

How many users & bidders can I have?

You can have as many bidders as you can muster on site at any one time. The more you have, the better your selling prices will be! What is more, our systems mean you own all the user data, not just that of successful bidders – meaning you can maximise your sales by actively promoting to all your potential prospects.

How many auction administrators can I have? Do they have to create an account too?

You can also have as many ‘administrators’ as you need to have access to your auction management area, with no extra charge. Once your site is set up, you add your ‘admin’ users, or they can create their own account and you can assign them ‘admin’ user status.

How can we pay?

We can accept payment by debit or credit card. We can set these up to be recurring payments automatically taken from your account, or we can invoice you with a 30 day payment term. Invoices are sent at the start of each month.

What is your contract length?

We are happy to let our customers pay as they go on a month by month basis. So long as you pay us we will keep your site up and running. You can cancel at any time and your site will close at the end of the period you have paid for.

Do you charge us any commission?

We don’t charge any commission on the ‘Fixed Monthly Cost’ pricing plan. You just pay the plan according to the number of active lots you have at any one time. Even if you have a huge turnover, you still pay according to your fixed monthly plan.

Do you consider commission only deals?

Occasionally upon request, we will consider a commission-based deal separate to our usual pricing model. In the past, we have agreed a baseline monthly cost and then charged 5% commission on auction turnover.


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