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Advanced Auction System Features

The following outlines the advanced auctioning features we can offer in addition to the basic features.

Bidding Options:

Dynamic real-time bidding

  • Bidding updates in real time.
  • The webpage does not have to be refreshed or reloaded for the user to see latest bidding

Overtime bidding in real time

  • To derive true market value and prevent sniping
  • Bidding can be extended by 10 mins if a bid is received in the last 10 minutes of an auction.
  • Bidding continues until the last person stops bidding.
  • The time left counts down in real time

All of these bidding types

  • Concept of auctions – this is where lots can be organised in to congruous groups of related items and advertised as a complete sale
  • Lot tagging to provide users with a mean of cross referencing related lots
  • Lot list filtering – bidders can view the lots by the following:
    • Latest lots added
    • Lots ending soon
    • Lot with the current highest price
    • Lots with the current lowest price
  • Related items – this shows the items users may also be interested similar lots for sale.

Marketplace Features:

These features are those that allow site visitors to put their own lots up for sale:

  • Sellers can add, edit and manage lots through the “Manage my lots” section

Sellers can set the following

  • Opening bid
  • Reserve
  • Bid increment
  • Start and end time;
  • Lots can be set as draft/live/archive
  • Detailed descriptions can added and edited
  • Lot images can be added (unlimited)
  • Video can be embedded in lots to enhance the information presented to the bidders.
  • Users can see whether the item has been paid for
  • Despatch address is revealed when payment for the item has been received.
  • We can add new fields to the lots (or any other entities for that matter)

Wanted Ads:

    • Users wanting to purchase certain goods can add classified ads to the site, under moderation. This encourages sellers to add related lots to the auction site.


Social media

  • RSS feeds – this is one way to keep users in touch with the website. Feeds can be generated for new products or other useful information and news
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook – useful for targeting relevant markets or in the case of charity fundraising making use of friend’s networks in social networking sites to promote items.

  • Social bookmarking widgets – social bookmarking sites allow users to save web pages in a convenient place for later use. They also help promote interesting sites to other users.
  • Video embedding – sites such as Vimeo and You Tube allow sellers to upload videos to their sites and then embed them in lots for sale.

Community and auction marketing

  • Commenting – this can create interaction between buyers and sellers and help deal with frequently asked questions, which can be answered in the public domain
  • Invite a friend – make use of the viral nature of networks. User’s can alert friends or colleagues to a lot by emailing them a link to the lot.

Other features

  • “Progressive enhancement” – allows sites to be viewed with any device or screen size
  • Various payment integration options – we can implement both off-site and API integration
  • We can provide payment integration with and Sage Pay
  • Sites can be fully modified to suit the needs of different areas of auctioning – e.g. property auctions, motor auctions, etc.
  • Extensive customisation – branding and layout can be customised to whatever extent required (can seamlessly match company branding)
  • Home page and bidding areas can be custom built to have whatever is required on there
  • Latest news and featured news articles

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