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Basic Auction System Features

The following outlines the auctioning features for our product. These are the day-to-day features you can offer your buyers and sellers:

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Bidding Options:

  • Incremental bidding
  • Auto-bidding – bidders can set a maximum bid and leave the system to bid on their behalf
  • Sealed Bids – hidden bids, often used for pledges or sealed bid auctions.
  • Buy Now bidding – an instant purchase can be made. This can be connected to a payment system and purchase made on line immediately
  • Winning/Losing indicators – graphical display of the users current position
  • ‘My Bids’ – bidders can see instantly their position for all lots they are bidding on.
  • Opening bid – the level the first bid in the auction starts
  • Bid increments – the minimum bid that must be placed to increase the bidding
  • Reserves – the value that must be reached before the item will be sold. Lots can be made to “show reserve temperature” – i.e. page will show whether or not the reserve has been exceeded
  • Set start and end date and time for lot
  • Overtime bidding:
  • To derive true market value and prevent sniping
  • Bidding can be extended by 10 mins if a bid is received in the last 10 minutes of an auction. Bidding continues until the last person stops bidding.

User Management:

  • Track who has placed bids
  • Track when bids are made
  • Run ‘winning bidders’ reports
  • Delete bids
  • Trace IP Address from where bid was placed
  • Ban errant bidders from taking part in auctions
  • Verify user’s name and addresses
  • Control ability to upload items to the site – users can be prevented from adding lots if they are problematic
  • Track when users register on the site

Email Alerts:

Emails alerts to bidders covering the following instances:

  • Confirmation bids have been placed
  • When they have been outbid
  • Confirmation of autobids
  • Bidding remains below reserve
  • Registration confirmation
  • Admin is copied in to any or all of these emails depending upon preference

Search Tools:

Search – there are a number of ways users can locate lots for sale:

  • Lots can be searched on a site wide basis
  • Users can filters using the categories available in the navigation
  • Lots can be searched filtered by category

Content Management:

  • Content management – for general website pages such as About, Contact and Help pages. Other pages can be added too, to reflect the service being offered
  • Featured lots – highlight valuable or unusual items for sale
  • Featured auctions – highlight a particular overall sale to the bidders.
  • Upload PDF documents, videos or any other type of file onto your site
  • Set your own terms and conditions that have to be accepted before users can bid on the site.
  • Categories – lots and news can be categorized in to sections
  • Tagging – lots and news can be tagged using key words.

Branding & Layout:

Other Features:

  • Manage users in the site’s admin section, including ability to block misbehaving bidders
  • Create, manage and edit invoices and credit notes
  • Create preview lots for lots that will be auctioned at a live event
  • Bulk editing tool allows you to edit auction data in bulk
  • Bulk uploader allows users to upload lots and other data en masse
  • Data from the admin system can be exported for reporting purposes
  • “Carousels” – can be added to the homepage, allowing you to display lots in a visually appealing manner

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